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Agárdi Termál- és Strandfürdő

2483- Gárdony - Agárd
Határ út


You may spend some nice days in Agárd, on the southern shore of Lake Velence (Velencei-tó). Some people call this lake the “little sister” of Lake Balaton. It is true, the two lakes have lots in common, only this lake is smaller. The eastern shore of the lake has almost the same atmosphere as the small villages around the eastern shore of Lake Balaton, and the southern shore of Lake Velence, with beaches, bars, restaurants and other places of amusement makes you feel like you are in Siófok, or Balatonboglár.


Presently in the thermal spa complex of Agárd there are pools for therapeutic gymnastics, indoor-, and open air thermal pools. The water of this bath contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulphur. Besides bathing, various treatments and services are available, like different kinds of massages, therapeutic gymnastics, or underwater gymnastics.


The first source which mentioned the name of the village dates back to the 12C. In this document, one used its name as “Agor”. At this time it was the property of the crusaders of Székesfehérvár, but some servants of the king also lived here. Until the 18C, no real changes occurred. In this century, after an intensive reform in agriculture, Agárd and its surroundings became the possession of the Nádasdy family (a famous Hungarian noble family). They than mechanized their farm, and started to cultivate forages and corns. They also kept lots of livestock here. These changes made Agárd rich and famous for its produces

At the beginning of the 20C, another change occurred here. This was the time, when the first weekend houses were built near the lake shore. In 1936 Agárd became officially a holiday resort.

Place of interest

Although Lake Velence with its atmosphere of intimacy is a place of complete rest, there is also lots of interesting things to see and do.

Good news for those, who like water sports, that sailing and angling is possible.

On the southwest part of the lake, there is a nature reserve area, where many varieties of birds nest. (Madárvárta, Madártani Kutatóintézet) It might bee interesting for the ones who like to get to know more about the nature of this area.

A famous Hungarian writer, Géza Gárdonyi was born here, in Agárd. He was the writer of the famous book Stars of Eger, which recounted the heroic defence of Eger against the Turks in the middle of the 16C. In remembrance of him, his birthplace has been turned into a Gárdonyi Memorial House, where you can see an exhibition about his life and works. There is also a small exhibition about fishing and reed-cutting, and you can see a kitchen in peasant style here. Reed-cutting was an important local activity. It provided material for thatched roofs.

If you have the time and possibility, you should also visit other places by the shore. For example, you can visit Kápolnásnyék, by the northeast corner of the lake. Another famous writer Mihály Vörösmarty was born here. He came back to live in the village in later life. He was the writer of Szózat which became a second national anthem. His former wine-press house became the Vörösmarty Memorial House. It was built in Baroque style in the 18C.

There is an interesting Folk Museum in Sukoro, on the northern side of the lake. It shows the culture and life style of local peasants in the 19C. The village is a quiet and nice place. After, you can also take some excursions in the surrounding mountains.

Gárdony - Agárd
Agárdi Termál- és Strandfürdő


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