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ThermalToursENG - Kalocsa - Csajda Fürdő - Kalocsa
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Kalocsa - Csajda Fürdő

6300- Kalocsa



You may have a nice time if you visit the rebuilt spa of Kalocsa

The first bathing facilities were built in the 20s, but were covered with earth after the Second World War. One rebuilt only a swimming pool in the 80s. Finally, in 2002, the water of Kalocsa became officially healing water and a new spa was built. Csajda Spa is a comfortable, modern spa, situated in a well-kept park.

The water contains sodium-chloride, iodide and bromide, thus it is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease.

Inside the complex there are thermal pools, swimming pool and small pool for the children. Besides bathing, different kinds of treatments are available like massages, sauna, or therapeutic gymnastics.


According to the finds that archeologists found here, this land was inhabited by the Stone Ages.

The first source which mentions the name of Kalocsa dates back to the 11C. Stephan I established an archbishopric center here. The town developed and flourished during the Middle Ages. When the Turks invaded Hungary in the 16C, the town became almost deserted after the repeating attacks. By the end of the 17C it was only a small village. First the archbishop came back, and new settlers came to Kalocsa. Than the new town government was established as well. Though the town still remains an agricultural town, its cultural life flourished in the 19C.

The 20C was hard time for the town. After the Second World War, during the communist era it was waste away because of being a sacred place. Military barracks were built by the borders of the town, its former cultural and ecclesiastical offices, schools were closed and destroyed.

After some changes in the 60s, Kalocsa could develop again, and became the center of the famous Hungarian Paprika. New homes were built, and food industry flourished. After the democratic changes in Hungary, the town got its former status back.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should walk around the town, because there are some interesting sights around.

There is no place in Hungary, where you can see women decorating the front of the houses and the furniture inside with flowers, like they do it in Kalocsa! The design of these and textiles are famous all around Hungary. You’ll probably recognize it, because you can see it everywhere around in the country in shops where you can buy souvenirs of Hungary. If you would like to see more of these handicrafts and designs, you should go to the Folk Museum or Károly Visky Museum.

You should also visit the archbishop’s palace, where you can see an old library as well. After, you can see some great displays in the Ecclesiastical Museum of the cathedral

You would probably like to know more about the Hungarian Paprika. A perfect place for it is Kalocsa, where you can visit the Hungarian Paprika Museum.

There are some great festivals in the town throughout the year, such as the Folklore Festival of Kalocsa. You should get some information about these before traveling to the town.

Kalocsa - Csajda Fürdő


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