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Kecskemét - Kecskeméti Élményfürdő és Csúszdapark

6000- Kecskemét
Csabay Géza Krt. 2.



You may refresh your self in a comfortable modern spa if you visit Kecskemét. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, iodide and chloride thus it is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease or joint problems or are after some accident injury and rehabilitation. The spa was rebuilt in recent years according to the claims of the visitors. Inside the complex there are different kinds of a pools which include thermal pools, small pools for the children, an aqua park and also has a section for water slides.

Besides these there are some interesting programs in the spa like competitions or night swimming.


Archeologists found here some very interesting finds from the Bronze Ages, so it seem like this land was inhabited since this early age. After the Hungarian conquest some fishermen and hunters settled here. The first source which mentioned the name of Kacskemét dates back to the 14C. In the 14-15C it was already an oppidium which means a small town with some privileges. During Turkish times it became part of the Ottoman Empire, but the town could slowly develop even during these hard days. In the 19C the inhabitants of Kecskemét commute themselves from all taxes. The town had a lively cultural and political life during the Reform Period in the 19C. The town developed quickly. After these flourishing years the 20C was full of difficulties, but Kecskemét recovered and nowadays it is one of the most imposing towns of Hungary.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in the town to see some imposing buildings and interesting exhibitions.

First take a walk to the imposing Cifrapalota, a nice palace built in secession style. Its tiles and designs were made in the famous Zsolnay factory. The founder of this great Hungarian factory was Vilmos Zsolnay. The factory was founded in Pécs at the beginning of the 20C. The five crafts of property practiced in the factory are pottery, chemistry, painting, sculpture and architecture. There are lots of great buildings all around Hungary, which used the products of Zsolnay. It is special and therefore easily recognizable. If you take a look at the Museum of Applied Arts in Budapest, you will recognize it everywhere around in the country. The building – designed by Ödön Lechner and Gyula Pártos – displays the typical use of coloured pyrogranite ceramics made at the Zsolnay Factory.

After take a walk to the sacred places of Kecskemét, like the synagogue where you can see an interesting display about the copies of the work of Michelangelo, the former monastery of the Franciscans or to the Old Temple (Öregtemplom). The evangelist church was designed by the famous Hungarian architect Miklós Ybl.

Those who like exhibitions should visit the Museum of Photography, to see the works of André Kertész, László Nagy Moholy or the negatives of the pictures of Rudolf Balogh who took his pictures during the First World War. Don’ t miss to visit the Museum of Naïve Arts, the Museum of Folk Handicrafts or the Medicinal and Pharmacy Museum. There is also a Game Museum called Szórakaténusz and ecclesiastical museum like the Ráday Museum.

Besides these Kecskemét has a lively cultural life so you should get some information about the festivals, concerts and other kinds of performances during your stay in Kecskemét.

Kecskemét - Kecskeméti Élményfürdő és Csúszdapark


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