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ThermalToursENG - Kiskőrös Város Thermál- és Strandfürdő, Kemping - Kiskőrös
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Kiskőrös Város Thermál- és Strandfürdő, Kemping

6200- Kiskőrös
Erdõtelki út 17.


You may refresh your self in a peaceful place if you visit Kisk?rös. The water of the spa contains sodium, iodide, bromide and fluorite. Besides the pools there are also some sport grounds near the spa.


According to the finds that archeologists found here, this land was inhabited since the Stone Ages. The first source which mentioned the name of Dévaványa dates back to the 13C. During Turkish times the settlement was destroyed and its inhabitants migrated from here. In the 18C new Slovakian settlers were cold here to work in agriculture. After the 19C grape cultivating and wine producing became more and more important. In 1978 Dévaványa got the title of “The town of grape and wine”. Nowadays tourism is getting more and more important in Kisk?rös.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa you should take a walk in Kisk?rös.

This place is famous all around Hungary after being the birth place of one of the most famous Hungarian poets, Sándor Pet?fi. You can visit his families former house which is nowadays a memorial museum. There is also a statue park in Kisk?rös. You can see the statues of those foreign poets who translated his works into different languages.

If you like to know more about folk culture, you should visit the Slovakian Folk Museum. Those who are interested in wine producing and tasting shouldn’t miss to go to the House of Wines in Kisk?rös.

This land is rich in natural beauties. It is worth to explore the surrounding nature reserve park, take a trip to Izsák to see Lake Kolon or to the Forest of Sz?cs.

Kiskőrös Város Thermál- és Strandfürdő, Kemping


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