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Kiskunhalasi Termálfürdő és Strand

6400- Kiskunhalas
Nagy-Szeder István u. 1.



You may refresh your self in a great spa if you visit Kiskunhalas. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, fluorite and iodide, thus it is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease, rheums or are after some kind of accident injury and rehabilitation.

The spa has thermal pools, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and also a small pool for the children.


Besides these, different kinds of wellness and therapeutic treatments are available, like massages or hairdressing.


The first settlements of this land became deserted after the Tatar invasion in the 13C. After, Cumaian people settled here. The first source which mentions the name of Kiskunfélegyháza dates back to the 14C. In the 15C it became the property of the Hunyadi family. When the Turks invaded Hungary, the settlement became deserted again. The new inhabitants came from the southern part of the Trans-Danube land. They bought their land from the landowners, thus became free from any taxes. During the 18C Kiskunhalas was the center of this land. Although during the 20C it has lost from some of its later rights and functions, the town is still an important cultural, trade and industrial center.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town, because there are some interesting things to see, and some great wines to taste!

Kiskunhalas is famous all around Hungary for its great design of lace. It is just as great as the Venice’s or Brussels lace. There is a Lace Museum, where you can see some of the greatest peaces.

If you are interested in old industrial buildings, there is also an old wind-mill in town, which was built in the 19C.

In János Thorma Museum you can see an exhibition about local history and some nice old coins displayed.

There are also some small exhibitions of arts around. Besides these, the town has a special, small-townish atmosphere and a great local wine, which is also worth the tour!

Kiskunhalasi Termálfürdő és Strand


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