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Kisvárda - Várfürdő

4600- Kisvárda
Városmajor utca 43.



You may refresh your self in a nice spa, which is situated in a former castle, if you visit Kisvárda. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic fluorite and iodide, thus it mostly recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease.


The complex is situated a well-kept park. Besides thermal pools, there are swimming pool and a small pool for the children. There is also a camp side and sauna.


The first source which mentions this place dates back to the 11C. László I established a church here in remembrance of his victory nearby on Cumanian troops. In the 13C it became the dominium center of the Várdai family. This time it was already a small town with some special rights, because of its inhabitants had to protect the nearby borders. It was a decanal and a comitat center, and had therefore a lively cultural and commercial life.

After the Várdai family had no successors anymore, other noble families became the owners of the town, and it had lost its importance. But even nowadays is an interesting town, where tourism is getting more and more important.

Place of interest

After refresh your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town, because there are some nice buildings and interesting exhibitions around.

If you would like to know more about folk culture and the history of the town you should go to Rétközi Museum, which has some great displays and even has a blacksmith’s shop from the 19C.

The reconstruction of the former castle is also worth the visit. It gives home to the Hungarian Theatre Festival of the theatres beyond the country borders every year. The former castle was destroyed in the 18C after it became damaged by the battles during the 15-17C.

The surrounding land is rich in natural beauties, so it is also worth to explore!



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