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Lakitelek - Tősfürdő

6065- Lakitelek



You may refresh your self in a beautiful place if you visit the spa of Lakitelek. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic, thus it is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease. The complex is situated in a well-kept park and has thermal pools and one swimming pool.


The settlements of the Middle Ages were destroyed by the Turkish troops in the 16C, and this land became deserted. New settlers came in the 18-19C. That time Lakitelek was a part of the nearby Kecskemét. It became an independent village in 1950.

It became famous for the gathering of people, who wanted democratically changes in policy during the communist era in 1987. The large tent, which was built by the house of Sándor Lezsák for the meeting of these people, became the symbol of the democratically changes in Hungary.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in Lakitelek, because there are some interesting sights around.

The most interesting sights around were built in recent years, such as the ecumenical church, which was built in the style of old Hungarian churches made by mud, or the conference hall and the exhibition places around it in a large park, known as Népf?iskla.

The surrounding land is rich in natural beauties, so if you like to take excursions, it is worth to explore this place. By the side of River Tisza you will find some nice, sandy beaches and great places for angling.

Lakitelek - Tősfürdő


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