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Leányfalu - Strandfürdő

2016- Leányfalu
Móricz Zsigmond utca 142.


You may have a peaceful time if you visit the small baths of Leányfalu, near the Danube Bend, only 6km far from Szentendre. This little village is a very popular resort near Budapest. It is situated by the Danube and Pilis Hills.


Inside the spa there are thermal pools where you can refresh your self and swimming pools for those who like to do sports.


During the Roman Times there were some fortresses by the side of the river to protect the road to Esztergom. Behind the petrol station you can see the ruins of one of these fortresses.

The citizens of Budapest discovered this small village in the 19C. This was the time when the first villas were built. First some artist bought houses here, actors and writers. After some rich lawyers, tradesmen and doctors built up their resorts where they could take some rest near the capital and their business. It became an official holiday resort in the thirties.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the pools of the small spa, you can take a walk around the village, where you can still see some of the old villas.

It is worth it to take some excursions in the surrounding hills, or to take the ferry or boat to the other side of the river, and visit the small villages of the island opposite Leányfalu, on Szentendrei-sziget.

If you would like to visit museums, or see a small town with narrow streets with a special atmosphere, you should go to Szentendre, where you can also find further bathing facilities. To know more about this town, see the description of its spa.



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