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Lipót Fürdő

9233- Lipót
Fõ út 84.


You may refresh your self in a beautiful place if you visit Lipót. Szigetköz is the largest island in Hungary and has a special atmosphere with natural beauties all around. The spa was rebuilt in recent years. Nowadays there are different kinds of pools inside the complex which include an aqua park, thermal pools, swimming pool and small pools for the children. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic and iodide, thus it is mostly recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease or rheumatism. There are also some sport grounds around the pools for those who like to do sports.


This settlement got its name from its first owner. The first source which mentioned the name of Lipót dates back to the 13C. This land was attacked time after time. First the Tatar troops came, after the Turks and than the Hapsburgs. It was a great place to hide after the War of Independence lead by Ferenc Rákóczi in the 18C. Most of its inhabitants were fishermen. Gold-washing and boat-towing or shipping was also important. After the regulation of the river ways more and more people started to work in agriculture. After Trianon, Lipót lost its important commercial connections. When the spa was opened Lipót became an important holiday center and nowadays tourism is getting important.

Place of interest

This romantic place is worth the tour so after refreshing your self in the spa you should go for a trip in Szigetköz by bike or by car.

This land was before “the land of one thousand islands”. Nowadays it is one large island. The most beautiful parts are the former backwaters, the river flats and the reeds.

This place is mostly recommended for those who like to do sports in nature. There are some great bicycle roots on the island, you can do different kinds of water sports and also ride the horse.

If you have the time to stop at some villages, you’ll also see some imposing buildings, interesting exhibitions. For example you can visit the former Batthányi castle in Dunakilliti.

Lipót Fürdő


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