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ThermalToursENG - Magyarhertelendi Termál Strandfürdő - Magyarhertelend
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Magyarhertelendi Termál Strandfürdő

7394- Magyarhertelend
Bokréta utca 1/a.



You may spend some nice days in a peaceful village on the ridge of Mecsek Hills, if you visit the small spa at Magyarhertelend.

The history of the thermal baths here began with the boring for hydrocarbon in this area. Although one didn’t find hydrocarbon here in 1958, the thermal spring rush up from 130m depth.

The thermal water contains potassium, magnesium, manganese, iodine and carbonic acid. Thus, the use of the water is recommended for those, who suffer from rheums or circulation or nervous system problems.

The spa is situated in a nice park. There are thermal pools, one swimming pool and one small pool for the children.


The first source which mentioned the name of the town dates back to the 13C. Magyarhertelend was famous from the potters of the village. Men used to get the materials and women made the potteries. Even those women had to learn this trade, who were not born in the village, just came here after their wedding.

Place of interest

Mostly those will enjoy staying here, who like small villages. It is worth to explore the surrounding hills by small excursions. The picturesque village with the old houses and the peacefulness of the settlement are all parts of the special atmosphere of this land. There are also some programs, small festivals at Magyarhertelend in the summer time.

If you have the time and possibility, it is also worth it to visit some other villages nearby, like Orf? where you can swim or take a boat and row around the lake. Abaliget is also an interesting place with its 466m long cave or you may also visit Sikonda, where you will find a great spa complex and resort area.

These villages are all situated in the surround of Pécs, so if you would like to visit a town, with lots of interesting programs and sights, you can also stay there, and visit these villages and spas while staying in the town. It is worth the tour!



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