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ThermalToursENG - Mátészalkai Termálfürdő - Mátészalka
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Mátészalkai Termálfürdő

4700- Mátészalka



You may have a peaceful time in a town with a small-townish atmosphere is you visit the spa of Mátészalka. The water contains alkali-hydrogen-carbonic and sodium-chloride, thus it is recommended for those who have some kind of motor disease. The spa was built in the 60s. Renovations in the spa started in 2005.


In early Middle Ages Mátészalka were two separated settlements Máté and Szalka. These villages united in the 14C. The first sources which mentioned the names of the villages date back to the 13C. They already had the rights to hold a weekly market, so this shows that these settlements plaid an important role during the Middle Ages in the economical life of this land. Mátészalka became an oppidium in the 15C, which means it became a small town with some privileges.

When the Turks invaded Hungary, it was attacked time after time and became almost deserted. The town started to develop again only in the 18C. Mátészalka was the first place, which used public lighting in Hungary. For one century it was also the chief town of the district, but has lost this title after some reorganization in the county system. After the Second World War it became a town again in 1969. It is still a dynamically developing town, but is also peaceful and interesting for tourists.

Place of interest

After refreshing your self in the spa, you should take a walk in the town, where you can see some interesting exhibitions and nice old buildings.

If you would like to know more about the folk culture and history of Mátészalka, you should visit the Szatmári Museum. The most interesting display here is the coach and car exhibition. There is also a Train Museum in town, where you can see displays about the history of the railways in Hungary and also some old trains.

You can take a peaceful walk in the Castle Park, by the side of a small fish-pond.

The surrounding land known as Szatmár-Bereg is rich in natural beauties, so if you like to explore its nature, you will see some romantic places!



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